Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hijabers Surabaya Hijab Class, "Trend Square Hijab 2013"

Hijabers Surabaya Hijab Class, "Trend Square Hijab 2013".
Date : 27 January 2013
Time. : 10.00 till finish
Place.: RM Taman Sari Indah
Jl : Taman Apsari no 3 - 5 Surabaya

women wearing modest scarves for coverage. Beautiful no matter what
Wearing the hijab daily for a relaxing moment like hanging out with friends, family and of course should certainly keep you noticed. So that you wear hijab always look beautiful even for events that are not formal. That way, if you always keep with still appear attractive appearance, others who see you will always remain amazed by your look.

Well, for the Hijabers, you may be wondering what kind of hijab style fits you wear to casual events, with a beautiful style, but in a simple way in order to remain comfortable in your activities.

Hijab fashion trends improving and growing rapidly worldwide for the Muslim. With a variety of shades and colors as well as a variety of fashionable model .Alhamdulilah more Muslim women who have to wear Hijab .With his existing activities of the Community Hijabers Surabaya held a Class Hijab, is expected to increase the knowledge of harmony for the use of hijab hijabers.