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Biography of Siti Aisyah

Biography of Siti Aisyah

Siti Aisyah holds-Shiddiqah ash, often referred to by Umm Faithful, and the family name is Umm Abdullah. Sometimes she also called Humaira '. But the Prophet often called Bint as-Siddiq. Ayesha's father named Abdullah, dubbed by Abu Bakr. He is known for his as-Siddiq. His mother was Umm Ruman. He came from the tribe of Quraysh tribe in his father's side and Taimi from Kinanah tribes in the mother.

Meanwhile, Siti Aisyah lineage from his father's side is Aisha bint Abi Bakr as-Siddiq bin Uthman bin Abi Quhafah Amir ibn Umar Ibn bin Sa'ad bin Ka'ab Taim bin Murra bin Ka'ab bin Fahr bin Malik bin Lu'ay . While from the mother is Aisha bint Umm Ruman bint Amir bin Uwaimir bin Abd Shams bin Itab bin Adzinah bin Sabi 'son Wahban bin Harith bin Ghanam bin Malik bin Kinanah.

Siti Aisyah was born in the month of Shawwal in the 9th before the hijrah, to coincide with July of 614 AD, namely the end of the 5th year of Prophethood. At that time, no Muslim family was one that matched the family of Abu Bakr as-Siddiq in terms of jihad and sacrifice for the sake of spreading Islam. Abu Bakr's house when it became a place of blessing, where the highest meaning of glory, happiness, honor, and purity, where the first Islamic sun shone with light.

Of physical development, Siti Aisyah including women who are very fast growing and growing. When the age of nine or ten years, he became fat and the appearance looks good, but when I was younger, he was very skinny. And as an adult, his body is getting bigger and full of. Ayesha is a white woman and berparas elegant and beautiful. Therefore, he was known by the nickname Humaira '(the rosy cheeks.) He is also a sweet woman, slender body, big eyes, curly hair, and her face brightened.

The signs of altitude degrees and happiness have been looking since Siti Aisyah was a kid on the behavior and grak-geriknya. However, a child remains a child, she still likes to play. Although still small, Aisha did not forget to keep ethics and teachings of Prophet civilized manners at every opportunity.

Marriage Messenger by Siti Aisyah is a direct command from God, after the death of Siti Khadijah. After two years of the death of Khadijah, come down revelation to the Prophet to marry Aisha, the Prophet then immediately went to Abu Bakr and his wife, heard the news, they are very happy, even more so when the Prophet agreed to marry their daughter. So immediately disuruhlah Ayesha see him.

Messenger with Siti Aisyah marriage occurred in Mecca before the month of Shawwal hjirah our 10th year of Prophethood. When the Prophet married, Siti Aisyah was still very young. Among the wives that he married, was Aisha who was still in virgin state. Aisha was married at the age of 6 years. Core purpose of marriage is to strengthen the relationship and strengthen the bond of the Caliphate and the prophetic. At that time, the usual hot weather experienced by the Arabs in the country led to the growth and physical development of girls become fast on one side. On the other hand, in a prominent personality, special talents, and tremendous potential in developing the ability of the brain and mind, in their bodies are perfect preparation to grow and develop at an early stage.

At that time, because Siti Aisyah was a little girl, then just held the ceremony, while the marriage will take place two years later. Along the way he has not come together with Aisha. He even let Aisha playing with his friends. Then, when Ayesha tried to 9 years, perfecting his marriage to Aisha Prophet. In marriage, the Prophet gave dowry 500 dirhams. After the wedding, Aisha began to enter the household of the Prophet.

Marriage of a female figure is held in a simple world and far from the rah-rah. It contains a good example and a great example for all Muslim. It contains the wisdom and advice for those who regard marriage as a problem today, which only became a symbol kemubaziran and rah-rah to obey the will of the passions and excessive.

In a life full of jihad, Siti Aisyah died due to illness at the age of 66 years, coinciding with Ramadan, in the 58th Hijri. He is buried in Baqi '. Ayesha was buried that same night (Tuesday night the 17th of Ramadan) after Witr prayer. At that time, Abu Hurairah came then menshalati Ayesha corpse, then the people were gathered, the people who live in these areas on any down and come mourn. No one was when it died dilayat by so many people over the death of Aisha mourners.

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